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we can make a very little go a very LONG way!

SEEMEN present performances allowing audience members to directly operate and interact with their machines, robots and kinetic art We will give you real life experiences...
As of the last few years we have been delving into bio-morphic inputs, sensing the human body and using those signals to trigger the machines/robots/pyro.
Virtually anyone who attends a performance has the chance to operate a machine that can, well, kill them, but will preferably empower them. To make people immortal.
As Noam Chomsky says, we live and have a culture of fear, we (SEEMEN) aspire to rid this fear from our culture. 

flaming Lie_Detector Halo

Above is the Flaming Halo Lie-Detector,you speak into a hacked actual voice stress analyzer/ lie detector (thanks Barney) and it feedsback 4 levels of fire according to your responses, true or false/stress/humor/whatever. Nothing virtual here!
or the 0-GChair


Neither SEEMEN or the presenting organization nor any of it's members shall be held responsible or liable for any LOSS, DAMAGE, OR INJURY arising from any activity organized, sponsored or promoted by SEEMEN or the presenting organization anywhere in the universe, forever.

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i am helping curate a political art show
an art and technology shew for this next year, if you wanna submit something email me at


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We are currently booking for 2004&5.
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I have been teaching at SF State a bit and really enjoy it, but
alas Ahnold has cut state education budgets and my class
fell by the way side.
I do love it though and have been teaching one on one in
my shop
Email me if you are interested

see curriculum

i have been getting TONS of priceless electrical engineering help and colaboration from the one and only


I hear and I forget.
I see and I believe.
I do and I understand.
Confucius (551-479 BC)


and RuRu Rucker Jr. Von Bitter!! !!geekboy!!

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